24/7 Learning

Access the course where and when you need to. Learn during the hours that suit you best. Never miss a lesson and don't panic if you have to take a break from your studies for a while. There are no time limits to complete the course.

10-Module Course

This is a 10-module or 11-specialised-module course covering all aspects of novel writing, including: how to get started, organise your research, write convincing dialogue and decide on what type of novel to tackle. Avoid the pitfalls when submitting manuscripts to publishers.


All students who complete the course will receive a certificate of completion. This will be immediately available to download and print upon completion of all assessments. Students must pass each module to gain access to the next level of the course.

Specialised Modules

Students may opt to specialise in a particular genre to enhance their novel writing skills, or simply follow the standard, non-specialised course. These are available as a complete 11-module course.