E-Learning (on-line course):

This course requires no prerequisite experience in novel writing and can be completed

at your own pace, with no time limits.

Write your first novel as you follow the course!

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(includes certificate of completion)


First Novel Masterclass provides budding writers with all the support and guidance required to write successful novels. Covering topics from how to get started, how to organise your research, write convincing dialogue and decide on what type of novel to tackle, to how to avoid the pitfalls when submitting manuscripts and selling your novel.

An extensive range of information is presented in a comprehensible, easy-to-follow, methodical style with an abundance of helpful hints and tips to assist you through the daunting (yet exciting) journey of creating your first novel for publishing (or simply for pleasure). Every lesson is packed with imaginative ideas.

The course consists of 10 modules. Each module comprises one written lesson covering a variety of topics and one assessment test containing multiple choice questions. The tests in each module are free, but you should attain an average of at least 70% to pass the course. The number of tests undertaken in any one module is unlimited. If you fail a module you must retake the test until you achieve a pass grade. All students who complete the course will be eligible to attend an award ceremony (requires booking) with their family and/or friends*.

*an additional fee will be charged for this – see Award Ceremony Booking

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